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Food 2 U Catering Ltd are due to open a 2nd "Brunch Bar" on Granby Street, Ilkeston in May 2016.


In 2007 our family business began. Over the years weve developed a few mottos like "compare us on quality not on price" and mixed with some age old standards such as "the customer is ALWAYS right" we are proud to say we truly believe we are the best at what we do which is why we want others to experience the enjoyment of our Brunch Bars and see why we do things the "Food 2 U Way"

Over 10 years in the making...


• 2006 Our owner set up in the catering sector.

• 2010 The "Brunch Bar" idea was born.

• 2014 The wheels in motion began to develop a better business model.

• 2015 Our first Food 2 U store was born in Long Eaton.

Our plan was to reinvent the local sandwich shop industry and introduce a "brunch bar" styled take away and delivery restaurant chain with health and well being at its core. Our owner himself suffers with gluten and lactose intollerences so decided we would cater for this market as he has always struggled with breakfast or lunch take outs.


He also decided that we should offer a calorie controlled alternative for the health conscious because why should a quick meal or snack be calorific and unhealthy?


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He decided we would use only the best ingredients and local where possible. For our breakfast menu we use supreme Lincolnshire sausage is sourced from a family farm in Staffordshire. Our bacon comes from a UK company but its top quality lean danish supertrim thick cut bacon. and our bread rolls are baked fresh every day by a local baker in the heart of Nottingham. Then for lunch we use selected hand carved meats, fresh salads and homemade fillings for that authentic home cooked feel.


I know all this is true because I'm Mark, the founder and sole Managing Director at Food 2 U Catering Ltd and this is my story . . . .

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